Contemporary New Adult Erotic Romance

I will forever love this writer, between private listing and untouched ugh I’m in LOVE. I wish they were books instead of Vellas bc I would be even more hooked. I already am so thankful the author published 3 days a week (thank you for that by the way), she never keeps us waiting too long but just long enough. READ THESE 2 SERIES, once you start you’re going to be hooked!


Review for Private Listing

Even this being a HS RH, I fricking love it csberry has done a fantastic job and making this such an enjoyable story with different personalities for each character. I love the complexity of the story and the tension is so good! I am so excited that she posts multiple times a week so we dont have to wait forever for the next episode.


Review for Untouched

Private Listing

Highly competitive workplace requires an executive assistant able to handle four demanding bosses. Must be available day and night. Compensation includes corporate apartment, a new wardrobe, and attention to your every desire. Must be willing and able to be at their every beck and call. Tardiness will be punished. PRIVATE LISTING is a reverse harem office romance with plenty of alpha males to go around.


I have almost thwarted the kings of Sherman High. Hiding in plain sight. Completely unnoticeable for years. Until I missed the memo that the few remaining virgins decided to give it up this summer. Now I’m the last. This isn’t a one and done situation. As I’ve never even been kissed, the four of them want all of me. To own me for our senior year. For me to go from untouched to their little pet. If no one will save me, I’ll have to save myself. Enemies to lovers bully romance.