Private Listing

Highly competitive workplace requires an executive assistant able to handle four demanding bosses. Must be available day and night. Compensation includes corporate apartment, a new wardrobe, and attention to your every desire. Must be willing and able to be at their every beck and call. Tardiness will be punished. PRIVATE LISTING is a reverse harem office romance with plenty of alpha males to go around.


I have almost thwarted the kings of Sherman High. Hiding in plain sight. Completely unnoticeable for years. Until I missed the memo that the few remaining virgins decided to give it up this summer. Now I’m the last. This isn’t a one and done situation. As I’ve never even been kissed, the four of them want all of me. To own me for our senior year. For me to go from untouched to their little pet. If no one will save me, I’ll have to save myself. Enemies to lovers bully romance.

Obsession: A Private Listing Story

Drew only dates me. Wyatt ignores me. Dante loathes me. And Finn, he just wants me. The truth is they all do and I want them too, but my brother’s secret threatens to tear my world apart as his three best friends draw me deeper into their world under the guise of protection. But in reality they want to own me, control me, and use me as their chew toy before they spit me out. Here’s the thing: I’m not normal and I’m never letting them go. They think they’re obsessed but they have nothing on me.

Princes of Hollywood

One woman and four gorgeous Hollywood hunks sharing a house, and a bed…
When Greer Morrow’s dirtbag boyfriend cheats on her, she knows she has to move out. So she takes a job as a live-in personal assistant for a hot-shot Hollywood star, leaving her run-down apartment for a mansion in the hills. But what she doesn’t anticipate is falling for her boss… or all of his high-profile A-List roommates. Now she must navigate staying out of the limelight and balancing her desires with those of the men who lust after her. She doesn’t want to choose — but maybe she won’t have to…

I’ve read romance books all my life and gobbled up anything I could find. When I started reading reverse harem/why choose romance, I was fascinated with the complexities of loving and being involved with multiple guys. And let’s face it, the sex is usually pretty 🔥 After a bit of a rut, I found serial romances and devoured them. Which led me back to books and ultimately reverse harem.

For over a decade, I have worked on writing and honing my craft. What started out as a passion project turned out to be my bestselling work. I love the idea of a group of guys protecting and obsessing over one woman. Who doesn’t. I’m ecstatic that I can do what I love and write what I love and find an audience for it.

I didn’t start my career in independent publishing, but I’m so happy it exists in its current form. As a business major, I enjoy learning about this industry and exploring all the options which is why I started writing on Kindle Vella.