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Watch Me, Bind Me, Boss Me, Tease Me

If you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading now because I’m going to list out some things that might make some readers uncomfortable and I want them fully informed. Some of the content is in subsequent books, but within this series.

  •       No sword crossing
  •       Story elements: Sexual harassment, stalker, assault, attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, drugged, other woman drama (no cheating)
  •       Affectionate, controlling men
  •       BDSM play time
  •       Group Sex
  •       Office Romance
  •       Consensual play, including:
    •  BDSM
    • Lots of group scenes
    • Bondage
    • CNC
    • Spanking
    • Some primal
    • Submissive


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Princes of Hollywood

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